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     Chili Challis

           Lifetime comedian, comedy writer and coach

My Blog



Posted on October 31, 2014 at 2:51 PM
If you don't already have a feel (talent) for MUST develop an ability to break a topic down to a very small bite of info and humor, remember though you're writing an 'act' the act is made up of moments, just moments with a precise beginning and ending. Why?.. so that your listeners (audience) will stay with you. What is the definition of a person who uses too many words and never gets to a point? A bore. Don't be boring. An audience can forgive you for many things, but not being boring.

Too many new comics make the easy mistake of simply having over the top information when what they should be going for is over the top emotion. Short bursts of intensity and images that are snap freakin funny; string a few together of a similar theme and now you have a block or bit.

Fewer words captivate the simple as well as the complicated.

Fewer words builds trust.

Fewer words display passionate.

Fewer words are more commanding.

Fewer words possess energy of the spontaneous.

Fewer words are easier for the audience.

Fewer words are easier on the memory of the performer.

With fewer words there is more room to add the funny.


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