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     Chili Challis

           Lifetime comedian, comedy writer and coach

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Posted on July 7, 2013 at 10:19 PM
I've been asked if there are any secrets to remembering your material? Yes there is. Just try to forget your material. You can't. I guess I should say you shouldn't. The truth is you're not're freezing, you're not remembering or forgetting anything... you're simply not thinking at all. The trick is to keep yourself thinking, feeling and expressing on stage.

Here's a mantra for you to assist your memory.... just repeat to yourself...
                                    'Feel through it!'
Tell yourself to feel thru it! Think, but also feel about your material and not anything else. Moment to moment, feel thru it! Feelings don't stop...sometimes thinking does...but feelings just ooze out. ;)

         Here's a couple of other things I do to help my memory.

When doing new material I never overwhelm myself. There's nothing more taxing for your brain than to have 12 new subjects/ bits/jokes you're trying to remember. You won't do ANY of them justice. It's not about the quantity it's about the quality.

Start with just a small amount of new material to perform, maybe one or two things that's it... that way you can throw yourself totally into them and their funny moments. You don't have to have a dozen new subjects, you can have a dozen new jokes about the same subject!  You're more apt to remember that way.

*Keywords! When you do choose to have several new bits to try out give them each a STANDOUT keyword on your little cheat sheet.  A keyword that has a little emotion as well as being descriptive. One that will set you off on the right tangent.

Example: If your dad was a tough old sob and you're going to talk about him maybe instead of simply 'Dad' on your list you put .. 'HARD ASS'!!

Wanna talk about a past love that broke your heart? Perhaps his/her keyword would be HEART CRUSHER!! OR SOUL THIEF!...;)
Make your keyword a real KEY to memory and emotion.

Just a couple of things to feel about. ;)

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