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     Chili Challis

           Lifetime comedian, comedy writer and coach

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Posted on August 23, 2016 at 1:24 PM Comments comments (9)
10 Things New Comics Do To Sabotage Their Stand Up Sets.
1)...over think everything causing too much personal anxiety. Comedy is side of the eye type brush with reality. Don't even try to be perfect, many times it's funnier if you're off a bit. So relax!
2)...use too many unnecessary words and descriptions. In stand up you cannot ramble. No extra words. Use just the words the audience needs to understand your punch line.
3)...haven't given enough thought to who they are or what they really want to express in their comedy. Give some consideration to your complexities. There's TONS of material waiting for you there. Who are you? Find out, write about it.
4)...too much unnecessary movement that comes across as a nervous stagger to the audience. It grows tiring to watch. Strike a comedic pose or if you move, make it mean something and do it on purpose.
5)...back up on punch lines. When you deliver a punch it should be with confidence and moving forward or at least standing your ground. Backing up or moving away on punches denotes ill confidence. The audience picks up on it whether they immediately realize it or not. It's a negative.
6)...inconsistent character. You're nice, you're a demon, you try a clean joke, you say an awful thing, you do a smart joke, you use a dumb over the top sexual bit, you then try to go back to a clean joke...on and on.
7)...if an audience doesn't get a joke you batter them with insults about being stupid.
8)...mumbling, not speaking up, unclear thoughts or reasoning thereby over complicating a simple thought.
9)...looking down too much. This cuts you off from audience, they want to see the expressions on your face.
10)...not having a real set in mind. You should have a strong opening, a few funny things in the middle and a strong closer.
Say good night you've been a great audience.