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     Chili Challis

           Lifetime comedian, comedy writer and coach

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Posted on January 15, 2016 at 8:47 PM Comments comments (13)
Ever ask yourself ...what's your center?
First thing I mean by that question is what is your core feeling or feelings?
Those feelings that make up you. Those feelings you live by. Do you display them in your jokes? Do they come out on purpose or are they accidental?
Do you know you even have them? Am I alone in thinking about them?
Are they exposed in your act? I bet they are.
Also I mean to question you when I ask about your center is what is your place for strength? Where do you go and what do you do when you need reassurance?
Besides being comforting and a good idea to know that when you're about to expose yourself to the eye of the public, I'd have to ask simply...
is that in your act? Could an audience have an idea of how to answer that question if asked after seeing you perform?


How do you hold the audience?
You would think that in stand up comedy the correct answer to this is it would be with laughter right?. You'd be correct for the most part, but of course I'm asking a question with a little more complex I hope.
How do you hold an audience to listen to all of your jokes and funny thoughts and bits?? Is it just by laughter or is it more, and have you checked this out?
By hold of course I mean to ask how do you compel them to want to listen to you? Is there a major theme? A feeling or life lesson that you are relying on to seam and seal your act? Does the audience catch on in the end? Is there a mystery to you that is revealed somewhat or completely in the end?
Are you sympathetic enough and interesting enough that someone would want to share the time and give you the right and responsibility to take up their time?
Stand up comedy is a matter of audience trust btw, it's much like a play where you have to get to know the main character, and of course that character is you, the audience grows to trust you via the laughs and story you present them. Showing competency in both you 'hold' them I'm guessing....and sayin'.
Just some things I think about and has helped me to go over in my act as well as thoughts. I have to say also it seems to make things even better when I apply them in a creative way in my writing for my stand up. It's my belief you can give the audience all of this AND laughs all in the same stream, and it's so good when you do...and now I know more necessary than I ever considered.
File this under other things I wish I had grasp a lot sooner...

...better late than never though. Don't forget to write like nobody is watching.  Peace