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     Chili Challis

           Lifetime comedian, comedy writer and coach

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Posted on July 29, 2015 at 12:11 PM Comments comments (27)

Getting through your natural resistance to let go is an accomplishment. We are often at our creative best when we let go but it's so very difficult, sometimes it can only be done a little at a time. That's why you need to train, nurturing the creative side to come forth once again can be slow. Many times it can come through in a rush and that is pure fun!

The resistance can be in the conscious and the unconscious and very powerful, however make no doubt about it, they can both be conquered and then commanded to work for you. Resistance is like a big clog in right smack in the middle of your personal fun center of your soul that you were endowed with at birth.

The problem is most of us have spent a lifetime stifling our creativity. As children we were ordered to be quiet and behave and sit still and color between the lines and and etc etc etc

If you want to be a creative person simply put, you have to allow yourself to be willing to become the child again that misbehaves. Get in touch with that brat that made a little noise and created a ruckus once in a while and danced for no reason and with no music, and and etc etc.

Start by doing things to make yourself laugh privately. You don't always have to have an audience. Funny sounds, sing silly songs, try doing different voices for no reason. First thing in the morning do something creative. Get out of bed and write or paint or just rant about something out loud and get an audio recording of it. You'll find each time your artist side will come forth more and more.

Feed your brain funny images and words. In other words if you wanna be a better writer, READ. Take in some art for art sake.

Seize every opportunity to expand your thinking and fun parameters. It all helps coach your child artist to live again and thrive on the creative side! Break some rules of logic, make new observations and capture them. Investigate yourself, relearn some things about you as an artist.

And most importantly LIVE again daily as a playful human being, become reborn to excitement, new perspectives and the pure adrenaline of trying new things.

Want your writing to improve and enjoy performing??

Let go and allow your artist child live again.

He/She knows what to do. Let them!