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     Chili Challis

           Lifetime comedian, comedy writer and coach

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Posted on April 15, 2015 at 12:34 AM Comments comments (88)
Hey Michigan I just wanted to say thanks. Yep, just thanks! Haven't gotten around in the decade or so I've been in the Midwest after California to simply say thank you for being so accepting of my comedy and wacky business I brought and continue to bring to the table here in the mitt and the region.

After the Tonight Show and wanting to separate from LA for a while I landed in MI, my gal (YohKoh) had family here and instinctively I felt being close to Detroit might be a good thing to put fire to my idea of beginning again with a comedy workshop; an idea that had began in the 80's. I wanted to help discover and coach qualified talents, call me crazy, I'm used to it....and by the way, my first writer's camps and meets for comics in '89 began right here in Michigan, so I had this karma thing going on I felt. That's how I roll.

The dojo concept is an idea I had brought from one of my first stand up clubs D W Eye in Cincy where we held weekly meetings to discuss comedy and help each other with our writing and stage character etc. There were some great comedy minds in those meets. People that have gone on to write and create major TV series, write for talk shows, directors, producers on and on. That goes back to '82... jeez I'm old.

Anyway I came to Michigan as a lone dog, no friends here to speak of, my friends were in Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Chicago and because of my lifestyle of the past 35 yrs as a comic & writer, many relationships were spread out throughout the entire country. Hell I had more friends in Hawaii then the entire Wolverine state when I first got here. If you were a friend of mine and we got together it was more of a phone conversation or email than an actual meet. That's what working artists do...or don't do I guess. We work, we don't hang out together. If you're doing too much hanging out and visiting with friends, you don't have a career you have a hobby.

I'm not to be felt sorry for though, I've never been the type to need to be in one hometown always with the same homeboys and girls forever around. I don't need that constant familiarity, some people do but not me. Strangers bring out the best in me sometimes...and if you're going to be a successful artist, get use to strangers. 

Not having a close knit group or team around me was not such a bad thing though as I soon became acquainted with some great people through my work. It didn't take long to realize Michigan is loaded with good people, and talented ones as well.

And so I take a moment to say a simple thank you to Michigan artists and appreciators, that's it. You've made my visit a good one. Now on to the next chapter. Call me.