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     Chili Challis

           Lifetime comedian, comedy writer and coach

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Posted on February 5, 2015 at 1:24 PM Comments comments (6)

*Wanna produce more as a writer?

WRITE OFTEN. Write in every way you can. Short burst, a few sentences, an idea and so on. When you begin to write you should explore, have fun with that. You're looking for a spark that will detonate a blast of ideas that you will add words to fast and furiously...that's it. Writing is about simple IDEAS. No IDEAS no writing. So don't think words, think images, feelings, and actions.

And for god sakes if it's flowing don't stop. I don't care if you have an appointment or somebody will have to wait, let it go and capture those moments. Catch that wave and ride it out. Cowabunga dude!

I like writing best first thing in the morning, sometimes the earlier the better. That worked great for me when I was a TV talk show monologue joke writer. The problem with that is I also lived for late LA nights. So I learned to write on the fly, I'd write everywhere and in the middle of some weird happenings. But it got done, little fragments of ideas come together nicely. 

It might work best though for the average person to find a time that works for you. but DON'T LIMIT YOURSELF, inspired ideas can fly at anytime and you need to capture them; even if it's but a few descriptive words scrawled in a notepad, blathered into your phone, recorder, congratulations you're creating and writing!!

READ. I can't stress this enough. If you want to be a great writer, read! Read things in your particular interest of what you want to know about. Don't worry you won't steal or borrow, what you're looking for is inspiration, sometimes a single word or phrase can open an entire cache of personal creative experiences. Believe it or not reading others work aids nicely in finding your own personal flow.

Writing has to turn into a HABIT.

WILLPOWER is necessary for writing. And the best way to have willpower is to not task it with long periods of forced writing. What you want to do however is cooperate with it when it's amped up and ready to go, and trust me you'll know when the big wave is there.

PASSION... no passion no writing. That's why rants can sometimes open you up. Everybody witches about something, if you don't feel like writing, RANT! Go off on something on your mind, even if it's about not being able to think of anything! You'll break on through to the other side all eventually.

BE PREPARED. Always be ready to capture an idea with handy tools. Nothing kills creativity like having to search for a pen, recorder or your personal scribe.

LOVE. PAIN. CONFUSION. JOY. Be willing to dive in and swim with the images and feelings they surround you with, add're off and writing. 

I promise quick, that's enough. Go create some ideas and capture some moments.

Create then recreate by writing it all down.