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     Chili Challis

           Lifetime comedian, comedy writer and coach

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Posted on December 23, 2014 at 11:43 AM Comments comments (7)
I have little doubt that emotion is paramount when writing and performing, it is without question the fuel that fires the imagination and electrifies the will power to dig into learning about yourself, creating and reproducing show after show.

Without emotion art is at best muddied and lacks edge, and I might add a big yawn to an audience. Who wants that huh?

What's the point if there is zero emotion behind your work? Ans: There is no point, you're just being a mimc, you're painting by numbers, imimitating, copying and wasting everybody's time including your own. Why would you do that to yourself?...or your audience?

Doubts? How about the fact that your emotions are simply the most real example of...YOU. Anger, grief, thrill, love, rage, zeal for questioning... all powerful as well humanly attracting stuff, not to mention all slightly to totally different in each person. Discover that difference in you, put it into your punches, payoffs and twists and you'll have some YOUnique material. (see what I did there?)

If that's not enough I've found that emotions can be a strong motivator, an emotional state is an active state, a state that all humans can understand and connect; emotions is us experiencing life itself, why would it not be in everything you write or paint or whatever!?

Let your emotions fly kids, put the right words to them and be ready to reel in some real funny. (see what I did there also?)

When it comes to the business side however you might want to curb a little of that emotion. Apply more tactics and less tantrums. Let some things roll off your shoulders, take time to think and rethink....or get a manager. I”m not kidding. It's probably one of the mistakes I made back in the day not taking taking seriously some offers to manage me. I'm definitely now a believer that at a certain point in some artist's career it may very well be better to have somebody that can handle the business of show business for you.

Just consider that venue owners are business people usually correct?... and business people most often like to talk to other business people. I think they have their own language or something ;)...either way it seems to work out better for the artist if he/she can simply create and display and stay out of the down to business business. Of course is this 100%? Is anything in show business??.. especially comedy?

Is getting a manager easy? Not really. First you have to have something (an act) they can sell and they have to emotionally connect with you. In other words they have to believe in you, they have to see that you are special. Your act HAS to be together. YOU have to be together. Don't even begin to kid yourself that it won't take at least a few years of hard work to first find yourself (your voice), then hone, polish, all the while developing the skills it takes to push you over the top.

Stand up comedy is very difficult and a big emotional rollercoaster. It's a must for you if you understand, control and use that emotion for your own good. Think about it.