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     Chili Challis

           Lifetime comedian, comedy writer and coach

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Posted on October 15, 2014 at 12:43 PM Comments comments (37)
I try to create an atmosphere in my most simple comedy dojo.
~Btw 'dojo' simply means 'the way of'... and so I adopted it to mean,
'the way of comedy'.

This atmosphere I seek is not always attainable but I go for it each time. When it works it's electric. When it fizzles it's still good but then it has that texture of average and so the envelope isn't pushed. I then feel I've missed an opportunity to help my fellow talents with what it is I can do best; to make them see and feel funny and so be positive even when dealing with perceived negativity.

The atmosphere I attempt to set up is an an atmosphere that gives the people in the circle the feeling of 'getting into themselves' and 'what is funny?'. Exploring some corners of their personality, history and pain, then mashing it together into perhaps a new funny understanding. And the key word is understanding. I'm striving for a collective consciousness of funny replacing negativity or misunderstanding. Too much to go for? Yep! But we do it all the time...and when it works it's beautiful....and funny.

The method of the dojo is to not so much designed to give exact answers but question even more until the questions themselves get funny. It's funny how things are funny! Bam! And there it is.

In a sense I get to be the LSD of coaches”.

I love comedy and mostly the comedic mind set. To become great at anything you have to bring your full mind and body together. You have to dedicate yourself to discovering muses and prompts for your creativity. If you want to be a great writer you must read. Musician you must listen. Look with new eyes and a new consciousness and don't be afraid of pulling yourself apart to find secrets. You must strive to be different and so you must find that difference in yourself.

Your comedy must be authentic and an island or you will forever simply be an amusing crowd pleaser.
I know you want to go beyond that.

Here's the bottom line. If you can't find a comedy dojo, develop your own atmosphere around you. Network with people of your kind, expand all stimulus that inspires you. Live the artist life you envision. Accessorize kids!!! It ALL works for that funny you.