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     Chili Challis

           Lifetime comedian, comedy writer and coach

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Posted on May 7, 2014 at 11:47 AM Comments comments (5)


REVISIT: If you really want to punch up your comedy you HAVE to revisit your jokes, thoughts and bits many times...many many times...yes even those that are working. Creating a joke is one thing. A willingness to consistently polish, hone and do a fresh mind revisit to that joke/jokes can assist you in writing even more solid punch lines in addition to what you already have. If you practice this the likelihood that you will break new creative ground and begin to expand on your subjects is high. 

Revisiting is really about being able to focus, then refocus. Writing is rewriting, I'm sure you've heard that.

For me returning to jokes that I have punch lines for eases my little fertile comedy mind ;) and in that relaxed state I begin to come up with new funny images to add on or levels I've me on that one.

**Here's a secret, sometimes when you revisit your act it begins to speak to you. You are more apt to see patterns of personality that can grow into a voice. Sometimes after writing a lot of notes on material etc a story evolves from your subconscious you didn't even know was there. Do yourself a favor and reread and look over your funny thoughts and jokes on a regular basis. You will learn more about yourself and most likely create some new things.

LINK: Linking topics is very important in building a show that will flow (hey I'm a poet!)

When you revisit you should always keep your comedy mind open to seeing links to other jokes that are similar in theme etc or new information you can add so that you can begin to appear seamless in your thoughts, feelings and bits. Remember think flow.


The emotional edge is the one you always want to keep sharp if you are to have punches in bunches and crushing laughs. The building and relieving of tension is painfully important to success in stand up. Of course when I say painfully I mean YOUR pain if you don't look for and put attitude and emotion into your comedy.

Keep in mind that your emotional state should stay pretty consistent. Your emotional state is part of your character and voice.

Anger is funny unless it appears as real anger. For the most part it should be anger or pain subdued.

Giving an audience a well defined, safe, funny, emotionally charged moment to laugh is at the heart of standout stand up comedy.


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