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     Chili Challis

           Lifetime comedian, comedy writer and coach

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Posted on September 24, 2013 at 9:19 PM Comments comments (2)
Ever notice how many different sets there are in stand up comedy? There's a set as in doing a set on stage. A guest set. A surprise set. 
A good set, a bad set, a set where you crushed, a that was so awful I'm quitting set, a killer set, a breakthrough set, a whole new material set, a memory of a 'too drunk or stoned' set, a TV clean set,  etc. etc.
There's setups as in joke formula, set backs as in writer's block. 

There's set lists and a I'm tired as crap of this material set. 
A set that we forgot, a set we wrote for somebody else, a set that is too old and at least a couple or three of... 'I got do something about this set' sets. A set you gotta get a better ending to maybe? 
Throw in best set ever and the most regrettable set too. 
Yep yep yep a lot of sets in stand up. 
All these many sets and it seems too many times we're only as good as our last set. Not to mention preoccupied with the set we're working on.  ;)