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     Chili Challis

           Lifetime comedian, comedy writer and coach

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Posted on September 19, 2013 at 1:32 PM Comments comments (1)
Had a conversation with a venue owner recently and as she was explaining to me that she was a business person she seemed a little shocked when I reminder that I as a comedian was a business person as well. ;)
Venue owners are very important people in the comedy business, they may be as important as the comic artists themselves. And because of that they need to be told that by us and perhaps more than that, they need our help in inspiration, perspiration and assistance in running their comedy nights or simply creating one.  
In my 30+ years and a million miles of work field research in everything from a small pub to a network TV studio I've met some genuinely good owners of venues that are simply lost when it comes to how to's of promotions, set up, dealing with things and with the personalities you encounter in hosting a comedy night or weekend. Too many are at the mercy of only agents or booker promoters for information about running a stand up comedy show -(and we all know how one- sided that can be) 
Not to say bookers/promoters aren't comic friendly but wouldn't it be nice to have a pro comedians movement? Simply one of more information from the talent side? 
As artists and business people ourselves we have to look to the future, and the future is information. ;) 
Perhaps it's time for some new information to start cycling out there??....and thanks to the web it can grow to numbers that will be exciting and very effective.
Info about how to get started, how to promote effectively, sound, staging, lighting requirements, do you really need or want an outside source to book your room, pros/cons of everything, right down to what is always the important stuff, bottom line costs.  
There's no question that there is a need for it. 
Abundant information is what the web is all about, and  for the small business person club owner it could be life saving, what could it hurt? As comics we need to be much more proactive in churning as well as recreating what this crazy stand up comedy business turns into. You can't wait for an agent or booker to call or toss out his/her emails. Patton Oswalt warned comics recenlty, "Don't wait for the given". As business artists we have to strive to create and seek new horizons in ourselves and in our specialty art form. 
So will it be workshops or website with info?.. both probably would be the best...however it all starts with your enthusiasm to push your art and assist the people that are attempting to give us stages. Are you willing? No question, we all have more work to do. ;)