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     Chili Challis

           Lifetime comedian, comedy writer and coach

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Posted on September 2, 2013 at 1:43 PM Comments comments (2)
Let's face it, it's a painful art form...mostly, and thankfully. Why do I say that? On account of pain being a comedian's opportunity, whether it's yours or theirs.

Ever ask yourself why you pursue stand up comedy? You should.
Know your need to succeed....and to heal. Simply put, the more healthy you are the more you will look objectively at your material and dig in to the genuine funny images of pain, as well as the relief there of. So dig into yourself as well when you're mulling over your hastily scribbled twisted rants. 

Comedy is all about pain and for the most part, getting through it.. coming out on the other side with a laugh or some expression of relief. I'm thinking that's why comedy was exorcise a small amount of pain through each gasp of laughter....a very essential human reaction.

As a comedian you should keep in mind that you are surrounded by people that have experienced all sorts of pain...your audience. Do you really want to inflect more? 

As a live performer you are enveloped by people that have dealt with or are currently dealing with disease, war, poverty, confusion, addictions, heartbreak, and even death.

Look at it this way, their mere presence at your show is a plea for help, as is much entertainment in a way....and strictly due to the personal nature of stand up comedy I think it's not only an escape type help.. there may be answers they're looking for. After all, you're a human being in close proximity to them and one that represents more than they are. Did you know that? Because of that the audience's desire for a laughter remedy may include some needs for inspiration as well? That's not too much to ask of are after all an artist. ;)

To watch a comic talent on stage that skillfully works through pain in his material then comes through it with humor is more than just a show's a live human art form event that often merits more respect than it gets I'll tell you that.

Perhaps that's the lot in life of comedians, a secret to never be fully appreciated for the discomfort and distress we relieve. If we do our part correctly we never bring more pain, we absorb some of it, relieve it, perhaps inspire some to use humor to get through it. I think that's a good thing. Comics are fighting a trench war against life's agony in the most natural way possible, one joke at a time....and it all boils down to a
prescription of laughter. We could be doing worse.
I'm good with it.