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     Chili Challis

           Lifetime comedian, comedy writer and coach

My Blog



Posted on August 27, 2013 at 1:07 PM Comments comments (1)
standup comedy is not just about things.
It's your story.
It should fit YOU.
Everything you talk about should be tied to you in some disturbed way.
Standup comedy is this weird animal of an art form where one person along with their twisted thoughts and feelings get
one shot at meeting their audience.
One shot!

All we ask is some staging, sound, lights and somebody to talk to.
An Audience.

However too many shows we are faced with bad sound, little to no staging and even sometimes no lighting.
and they even ask us to bring the audience.
Annnd they limit and control our time and content.

that's why you got to love it to do it. If you don't please step down and allow the talents that are obsessed for whatever reason to put themselves through this. We do it because we must. That's the only way it means anything.


Posted on August 1, 2013 at 12:00 PM Comments comments (3)
When I first began to perform stand-up my material was and is very important. I worked on it, honed it and practiced it constantly to make it as funny as possible. I STILL do. 
With all that hard yet fun work aside however, THE most important thing that I have come to know is that besides the material I TOO am funny. ME- Chili Challis, I'm an off beat naturally funny person. That's why I started doing comedy in the first place, I can be a funny person when given NO material. I make things funny, that's what I do. Yep I make the material funny and I make up material~ !

Many comics would do well to remember that. Your material is your bread and butter so to speak but but never forget that you are the spirit power that drives it, always!  

Why am I telling you this? Lately I have seen some comics forget that simple thing. YOU are funny, never forget that. The material is one thing but YOU making things funny is a whole other thing. YOU are not the material. The material is YOU. You have to be present in every bit you do and if you ever find yourself in a situation (and it does happen) that the material is not working, then YOU have to do something about it. In that type of you move on? Do you make fun of the room you're in? Do you simply talk to the audience? YOU decide or rather ...allow the funny person in you to decide. When the material isn't funny BE funny. ;)